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Slumbering Ursine Dunes Reference Sheet (5e)

My personal reference for Slumbering Ursine Dune, sharing now just in case there is another 5e player that wants a simple on-the-fly conversion.

Monster List

  • Ape, Four-Armed White Ape – Can use its secondary pair of arms to either throw something or parry an attack (+3 AC).
  • Ape, White Ape
  • Bear, Black Bears
  • Bear, Soldier Bears
  • Bear, Werebears
  • Beaver Engineer – base stats as a bear.
  • Cave Dwarf Housekeepers
  • Centaur, Captain Kun – AC 17 (plate barding)
  • Centaurs
  • Crawler
  • Crystalline Turtle-Guardians – bite does electricity damage, immune to electrical damage.
  • Eld noble, “Sir Eld” – vibro-sabre 1d8+2 non-magical.
  • Eld Officer – can also cast silence 15′ 1/day.
  • Eld Soldier
  • Eld Technician as Eld Soldier but their barbed weapons do necrotic damage.
  • Eld, Major Xhom
    • Replace staff with oversized vibrating and wickedly flanged axe +4/1d8+3
    • When dies use option 5 from “12 Sorcerer Corpse Hazards
  • Eld, Xhongo, an Eld gentleman explorer and leader
    • AC: 17 ceramic plate, chain-sword 1d8+2 non-magical
    • Wields Ojak.
  • Eldmen – also has a net:
    • Net. Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, range 5/15 ft., one Large or smaller creature. Hit: The target is restrained. A creature can use its action to make a DC 10 Strength check to free itself or another creature in a net, ending the effect on a success. Dealing 5 slashing damage to the net (AC 10) frees the target without harming it and destroys the net.
  • Ghul
  • Ghul, Hefty Ghul – always male, not undead, construct.  Has stealth as standard ghul, no bite attack but weapons paralyse.
  • Giant Ant Lion
  • Giant Hawks
  • Giant Lizard (frilled neck lizard).
  • Giant Sand Snakes
  • Grue
  • Mimic
  • Mountain Lions
  • Pelgranes
  • Pirate, Fooloo
  • Pirates
  • Poleviks
  • Rusalkas – always female, only corporeal during the night.
  • Slothrog
  • Two-Headed Giant Vulture
  • Vodnik
  • Wereshark
    • Jaromir uses a jet-powered maul – a gift from the eld – he automatically makes the save to not fall down:
    • Nagareboshi(Humanoid or Hybrid Form Only). Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 2d12 bludegoning damage. A great maul forged from some iridescent metal. Its head dances with warm flickers. When swung, nagareboshi produces a rocket-like explosion. If the wielder passes a DC 15 Strength check then the weapon does 2d12 bludgeoning damage.  Otherwise, it only does the standard 1d12 and propels its wielder 1d6x5 feet backward from the point of impact. This is also loud, and when used out of combat provokes a random encounter roll at the DM’s discretion.
  • Zombastadon

I loot the corpse

Roll Item
1-50 Currency worth amount of gp shown on dice.
51-56 Small gems/trinkets worth d10 × creature level gp.
57-59 3d3 power pills (each is 1-day ration but weigh 0)
60-64 Day’s rations.
65-70 Day’s worth of freshwater.
71-72 Vial of Oatmeal- drink it and skin is transformed to the same consistency as oatmeal. The affected target ignores 4 points of damage but decreases AC by 2. Lasts 2d2 hours
73-78 Roll a d12 on the Lapidary Ossuary table.
79 Fist-sized ruby- worth 2d100+100 gold pieces (if sold). Once per day the person can shake the ruby and 2d20+10 gp falls out.
80 Album Dagger.  Thunder damage, ignores armour, +2 damage.
81 Azure Axe. Lightning damage, roll damage dice twice, pick highest. Damage explodes. This weapon increases its range of failure by 1 per use (so after the first use failure increases to 1-2, then 1-3 etc).
82 Stupefacient Whip. Thunder damage, ensnares target on a critical hit, dealing damage automatically each round. If the target critically fails they are stunned until the end of their next round. This damage is non-lethal and does not kill the target.
83 Rusted laser pistol- has 3d4 shots left before battery is drained. Does 2d8 damage and ignores AC
84 Venefica-Wand (small gun). Does no damage but can be loaded with poison.  Only has 1d12 rounds. 50/50 chance of just doing poison damage (4d6) or paralysing the target (DC 15).
85 Luxgun (large gun). Radiant.  Roll damage dice twice, pick the highest. Has disadvantage on all attacks that are not at long range.
86 Seraphim Wings (jet-pack). Crafted to look like wings.  Allows the user to jump twice their normal range and fly.  Each hour of flight increases the chance of failure the next time it is used by +1 (so after 1 hour of use the next time it used it fails on a 1-2). If it critically fails it explodes doing 3d6 bludgeoning and force damage to the wearer and to all within 10 feet. Creatures other than the wearer can halve the damage on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. Can be worn over armour.
87 Imperium Armis (power armour). As plate mail except it also provides +2 STR, -2 DEX and +2 CON with 12 damage reduction. Due to the ancient nature of this armour, it slowly loses its damage reduction overtime – each time it absorbs damage the armour’s damage reduction is reduced by 1.  When reduced to 0 it ceases to function. The armour is very loud.
88 Navitas Pallium (cloak). Blend into the environment to gain Advantage on stealth checks.
89 Viator (Quantum Communicator). Sender and Receiver sits in-ear.  Can send short messages one way. Unlimited range.  When used, in addition to making a failure check, everyone within 30 feet must make DC 10 Constitutions saving throw as if they had been exposed to low radiation.
90 Werewolf Potion. “the vial has a wolf’s head emblazoned on the front”.  The imbiber turns into a werewolf for 1 minute.
91 Magic-user scroll: Steal Face (Level 4: Take and convincingly wear someone’s face until it rots off or they get it back. Range: Touch.)
92 Interdimensional Distortion Device (Bag of Tricks).
93 Time and Space Distortion Rod (Wand of Wonder).
94 1d4 shrink grenades if the party has no grenades remaining.  Does no damage but reduces the target as the spell reduce.  Does no damage otherwise, then/or
95 Incense stick x3- fall unconscious when lit. Make Luck save- if successful, gain 1 point of Luck for 24 hours
96 Gothic flanged Silver halberd- adds +1d6 radiant damage to undead
97 Everburning torch- always alight, but no heat
98 Healing potion 3d4+4
99 Composite short bow- add strength mod and +1 to attack and damage
100 D50 something from Wonders & Wickedness (pg. 59).


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