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Clash of the Titans (Session VI)

Game log for session 6 one of my players (my daughter) wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.  For context, an archmage, as a favour for retrieving his spellbook, did them a favour and planeshifted them back to their homeworld – Pangaea – but in the middle of a desert (Slumbering Ursine Dunes).

The party arrived in a desert,

No life save for an oasis in sight, 

With dunes to their left,

And a sandy wasteland to their right.

Towards the oasis, they headed, 

Hearing a mesmerising clang,

And greeted they were,

By the chief and his gang.


Enquired the party did,

Of their hometown Crete,

But the chief and his sons knew nothing,

Save these badlands and its heat.

Stories they told,

Of the enormous sandworms, 

A sight to behold,

When from the dunes they would squirm.


They cursed the Eldar,

That wandered these plains,

The chief said, “They’re lookin’ fer this gold barge,

But they be quite the pain.”

They explained of enduring war,

Between a demi-god and his cousin,

A feud of a bear and a pirate that lasted,

For years half a dozen.


Considering their options,

The party decided on the bear demi-god,

And headed for his tower,

With thanks to the chief and his squad.


Keeping the demi-god’s tower in sight,

They aimed through the dunes and towards the coast,

Where they were ambushed by birds of flight,

Three eagles of great stature.

Shoot them from the sky they did,

With magic missiles and arrows in array,

And once they were dead,

They searched the area, unashamed.


Rodrig discovered a clearing,

And perched atop a rock,

Was a unicorn of origami,

That he investigated, a little shocked.

He picked it up carefully,

But then from the sky,

A Pelgraine swooped daringly,

Aiming for him to die.


The party mustered their strength,

As Atticus conjured a mighty spell,

But to his dismay,

It did not go well,

And he exploded with a yell.

Seeing the distress,

The Yuan-Ti, Seth, reversed time,

Sighing with his typical hiss, 

And Atticus was revived.


They slayed the Pelgraine, 

Crowning their helmets with its feathers,

And as they approached the coast,

They revelled in the changing weather.

But for the third time that day,

They were snared once again,

By a regiment of Eldar, 

Whose goal was to have them slain.


They fired with their arrows,

And a darkness was cast,

Rendering the party confused, 

As it continued to last.

But Octavia flew above it,

So with her magic missiles,

Met the Eldar team,

With their fitting demise.


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