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Clash of the Titans (Session VIII)

Game log for session 6 one of my players (my daughter) wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.  For context, the party discovered the Golden Barge and is now traveling back to the capital of Crete to save the king with an antidote to the medusa poison.  They are waylaid along the way by the Eldar and then had to deal with an assassination attempt on the king – which would have undone all the work they had done in the last 8 sessions if the assassination succeeded. 


The barge was finally theirs,

And now that the Eldar had succumbed to defeat,

Petra commanded the ship to propel,

As fast as it could towards Crete.


A day passed in peace,

The party resting with bliss, 

Petra taught Octavia the Eldarian language, 

And along the coast, they whisked.

But on the second fateful night,

The barge was abruptly sieged,

By the Eldar from earlier, Zhom,

Who flew in as he pleased.


A regiment he brought with him,

Along with a vat giant he rode atop, 

And to reclaim the barge was his goal,

For he thought he could not be stopped.

Dispel the charm on Seth he did,

And Seth stabbed Octavia with a knife,

Before retreating from the battle,

To save his own life. 


Although Zhom was relentless,

The party drove him back.

They destroyed his mount,

In a heavyset attack.

The skeletal beings kept the regiment at bay, 

Whilst the Eldar warriors charged in,

And the party was almost dismayed.


But then Zhom thought twice, 

And knowing of his disadvantage, 

He disengaged quickly, 

Abandoning his confident siege.

Atticus pursued him,

Whilst Petra headed for the guns,

And Zhom boarded his ship, 

With a jump and a lunge.


Fire at him Petra did, 

And Atticus shot off his spells,

But Zhom, although damaged his ship was,

Left them with an angry yell.


The barge soon docked at Crete, 

The party now well-rested, 

And hurry to the King they did,

To give him the antidote, they insisted.

But there they found his guards,

Unconscious in the gardens,

So they rushed into the castle, 

To see what had happened.


They found the King surrounded, 

By a gang of men in goat masks.

The Queen was trying to protect him with her magic, 

But they all knew it would not last. 

The leader was attempting to break, 

Her flickering shield,

And ran against it he would, 

Although it would not yield. 


The party interfered, 

And slew the squad of men,

So as they died they chanted,

A prayer to their patron. 

They saved the King,

And hastily gave him the antidote, 

So that he was eternally grateful, 

His thanks to the, he would devote.


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