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Identify (House Rule)

 5e identify makes identifying magic items too easy, 1e/2e is too hard and I feel its onerus for both me, as the DM, and the PCs. So my goal with this to not have it as onerous as 1e, etc, but not so easy as 5e and, as the DM, not track anything:
  • Automatically know if an item is magical.
  • Sage can identify a magic item at 500gp/item per day.  Usually takes a day.
  • Players can figure it out by using the item – this is a straight 1 day of use per 1,000 gp of the magic items value.
  • “Mundane” magic items any wizard can identify on the spot +1 sword, +2 arrows, etc.
  • Anything particularly powerful requires a trip to the Stygian Library (aka, need an adventure for artifacts, etc).
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