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Fighter: Mighty Deeds

A 5e interpretation of the Dungeon Crawl Classic “Mighty Deeds”.  The goal is to be less mechanically sophisticated or impactful than the Battlemaster but to give the type of things the Battlemaster does to all fighters – as it seems the Battlemaster qualities – swashbuckling/heroic actions – should be available to all fighters.

Mighty Deed of Arms

Fighter’s use profciecney dice, called Deed Dice, and no longer gain a proficiency bonus:

Level Proficiency Bonus Deed Die
1st–4th +2 1d4
5th–8th +3 1d6
9th+ +4 1d8

Fighters earn their gold with pure physical prowess. They swing across chapels on chandelier chains, bash through iron-banded oaken doors, and leap over chasms in pursuit of their foes. When locked in mortal melee, their mighty deeds of arms turn the course of battle: a brazen bull rush to push back the enemy lines, a swinging flail to entangle the beastman’s sword arm, or a well-placed dagger through the enemy knight’s visor.

Prior to any attack roll, a fighter can declare a Mighty Deed of Arms, or for short, a Deed. This Deed is a dramatic combat maneuver within the scope of the current combat. For example, a warrior may try to disarm an enemy with his next attack, or trip the opponent, or smash him backward to open access to a nearby corridor. The Deed does not increase damage but could have some other combat effect: pushing back an enemy, tripping or entangling him, temporarily blinding him, and so on.

The fighter’s deed die determines the Deed’s success. This is the same die used for the fighter’s attack and damage modifier each round. If the deed die is a 3 or higher, and the attack lands (e.g., the total attack roll exceeds the target’s AC), the Deed succeeds. If the deed die is a 2 or less, or the overall attack fails, the Deed fails as well.  The higher the deed die the more successful the attack.

Though there is no limit to what can conceviable be done, examples include – blinding a target, disarming a target, pushback, trips and throws, precison shots, rallying manuevers, defensive manuevers, signature deeds (like Zorro’s Z mark), and weapon specfic deeds.

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