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Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.


Wondrous Item, legendary

  • XP Value: 25,000 
  • GP Value: 90,000

This metal file, when used, can imprison an individual’s probability and fate, allowing the user to manipulate the target’s destiny in any way they see fit.

In addition, it also has magical powers that the user can call upon. Every time the holder uses the staff in this fashion, his or her Intelligence score suffers a temporary decrease. The device goes inert (and no point loss occurs) if the user tries to call upon a power that would reduce the Intelligence to less than 9. Lost Intelligence points are regained at the rate of 1 each day by resting or sleeping for at least eight hours. 

Fractional lost points are disregarded for purposes of Intelligence-related abilities; for instance, a character with a score of 15.5 makes Intelligence Checks as if his or her score was 16. If the spell has a higher level version, it can be cast at a higher level at the cost of an additional 1 point of intelligence per level increase. The following powers can be employed by the user once a day:

Tempus Fugit

8th level abjuration

Casting Time: 1aclion
Range: 60 feet + 10 feet/level
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 1-minute

This spell calls into being a zone of temporal insanity where time itself does not adhere to its normal rules. Each creature within the area of effect of the spell will be affected differently on a failed Constitution saving throw. 

Leaving the area of effect will remove any lingering effects of the spell; from the outside looking in, it will appear as if the creature left at the appropriate time. For each creature (or moving object, such as an arrow) in the area of effect, including those entering, roll randomly to determine the specific effect:

D100 Effect
01-20 Time speeds up. Treat as if the creature were under the effect of a haste spell.
21-40 Time slows down. Treat as if the creature were under the effect of a slow spell.
41-60 Time stops. The creature is held immobile, unable to act or be acted upon.
61-83 Time jumps ahead. The creature disappears, reappearing 1d4 rounds after the spell ends.
84-91 Time jumps backwards; paradox allowed. The creature disappears, reappearing 1d4 rounds before the spell was cast. If it stops the spell from being cast when it should have been, time simply plays out along the new course. If the result doesn’t make sense, a paradox occurs, and the caster rolls on the Chronomancy Paradox table.
92-99 Time jumps backwards, no paradoxes. The creature disappears, reappearing 1d4 rounds before the spell was cast. No matter what it does, it cannot stop the spell from being cast (the game master should be creative in ensuring that time keeps its shape).
00 Time fractures. Roll each round to determine the effect on the creature. Once a time jump is received, there is no need to roll further. If another 00 is rolled, every molecule in the creature’s body is affected separately, essentially disincorporating it and scattering it throughout time. The creature is irrevocably dead; even going into the past will not prevent this destiny.


8th level divination

Casting Time: 1aclion
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 1-minute

This spell imposes the vastness of the universe on the mind of the poor unsuspecting fool who is the target of the spell. In one shining moment, the majesty of the entirety of reality flashes before the eyes of the target, completely cowing them with the incomprehensible vastness of the multiverse and their own complete insignificance in that ocean of All.

The target of the spell is entitled to a CHA saving throw. Failure means they fall into a state of catatonia for 2-24 months. Success means they are still shaken by the revelation and, after considering what they have learned, will develop 1 form of insanity in 1d6 days that will last for 1d4 weeks.


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