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Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.

Yes its a gun, but its called a “Wand of bullets” by the people of my world.


Weapon (shotgun, relic), legendary, requires attunement

  • XP Value: 1,500 
  • GP Value: 15,000

Wielded by the bounty hunter known as the Terminator, this shotgun has writing scrawled on the side of the weapon in red are the words “your sword is the sword that will pierce the heavens!. This legendary shotgun shoots swords as ammunition in a short ranged burst. It creates these weapons on the fly and the swords are considered magical for the purposes of overcoming damage resistance.  You can also feed Swordsplosion swords or any piercing or slashing weapon, which it can then shoot as part of its barrage by flicking a switch (bonus action).

Swordsplosion is a two-handed weapon (2 slots), has a range of 5/10 feet and does 1d8 piercing damage.

SWORDSPLOSIONS!  Once per encounter during a combat encounter you can detonate the swords which are embedded in the target’s body.  Track how many times you have hit a target with Swordsplosion, and as a bonus action, detonate the swords. The target takes the accumulated damage again.

The weapon depletes on 1 in 20 (natural 1 on the attack roll).


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