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Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.


  • GP 17,000 (only as a pair)
  • XP 1,700 (only as a pair)

This looks like two small rings, both made of a strange metal. One is blue, and the other is green. If someone wears a ring and concentrates on it, a small, six-inch illusion appears in the air about three feet away from it. The illusion is linked to the color of the ring – blue is always related to water in any of its forms, and green is related to nature, in particular animals. 

Unfortunately, the rings are cursed — once someone puts them on, they cannot be removed unless first magically nullified via a remove curse spell cast as an 8th-level spell. The rings can also point in the direction of each other with a gentle tug whenever they are separated.

However, if the rings are worn by two different people and smashed together as the command word is spoken (“shazam”), each ring bearer can change shape into an associated creature or, in the case of blue, a spell effect once per day. Blue can turn into anything related to water in any of its forms. This includes weather effects or even tangentially related creatures like a frost giant. Green can turn into any Beast and any beast-like creature, like a unicorn (DM’s discretion). The effects mimic a polymorph spell in all other ways.

Depletes 1/20 only checked when used together. The illusion eff


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