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Mushroom Box

Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.

Mushroom Box

Wonderous item, rare

  • XP 500
  • GP 5,000

This somewhat-dangerous item is a well-sealed, relatively-plain wooden box that contains 3d12 small mushroom pods. The box itself is non-magical, but the mushrooms register as magical.

If someone plants the mushrooms in almost any kind of soil, manure, or rotting vegetable or animal matter, they grow into vegepygmys within 2d24 hours (3d24 hours if the soil in which the mushrooms are planted is particularly wet or fertile). Once planted, the mushroom grows fairly steadily into a big pod until a vegepygmy bursts out of it. Vegeyptmies bear the colouration of the Coppoer Forest Tribe and serve the summoner faithfully until destroyed or set free. However, they only speak vegepygmy. 

If someone eats one of the mushrooms, they must make a DC14 CON saving throw every two hours. Every time the victim fails the save, he suffers 1d6 CON damage. He must make a saving throw or take damage for each mushroom eaten. Unless saved by high-tech or magical aid that can neutralise poisons, this continues until his CON reaches 0; at that point, a single vegepygmy bursts out of his dead body. If the victim ate more than one mushroom, roll 2d8 for each mushroom eaten to determine the vegeypgmies’s hit points (someone who ate four mushrooms generates an 8d8 HP vegepygmys).

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