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Flamedrinker Armor

Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.

Flamedrinker Armor

  • XP 3,500 
  • GP 35,000

This well-crafted plate armor absorbs flames, providing some protection against fire. The armor grants resistance to fire damage.

Flamedrinker. Once per day, as a reaction you can use this power when you are hit by an attack that does fire damage. You and each ally within 25 feet of you gains resistance to fire until the start of your next turn.

The armor itself never depletes; however, the flamedrinker power depletes on a 1 in 20 checked each time this power is used. Flamedrinker can be upgraded at the Manufactorum or by a master fire giant armorsmith:

  • Increasing the armour AC to +2 costs 13,000 gp.
  • Increasing the armour AC to +3 costs 21,000 gp.
  • Add fire damage reduction of 5 for 65,000 gp.
  • Make the flamedrinker usage unlimited uses per day costs 252,000 gp.


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