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Hamster Prestidigitator Pistachio!

Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.

Hamster Prestidigitator Pistachio!

Wondrous Figurine 

  • XP 250 
  • GP 2,500

This very rare wondrous magic item summons a 1-foot-tall anthropomorphic hamster magic user. The hamster will cast one memorised spell. 

By default, he comes with magic missile. Another spell may be stored in Pistachio at the owner’s discretion so long as the owner can cast that spell and sacrifices its use for a day. 

The catch with Pistachio is that he uses DCC magic-user spells (pg. 127 of the core rulebook) and only can store those types of spells. He has +5 to his spell check and can be summoned as many times a day as he has spells (currently only 1). If a spell is cast into Pistachio that has no DCC equivalent, then the spell fails but is still lost to the caster.

He may be upgraded at the Manufactorium to increase the number of spell slots he has by sacrificing a magic item that allows for the storage of spells (like an IOUN stone, for example).


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