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Hololithic Fragment 01

Because I am taking the story a slightly different way I decided to use “hololithic messages” – essentially video and sound recordings – to tell the story.   I created a table and rolled randomly whenever the characters found one.  Did this right from the first adventure and the more technological the locale the more likely they would fine one.  I also “hid” them so they would act as a reward for exploration.  Here are the messages revealed as they are found not in chronological order of events.

Lord-captain’s Log, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.5.26.  The Lord-captain of the Nemesis one Braug Wolf was accompanied by his marine Lord-captain, a Black Templar.  It seems the flayer ship is an important target.  The Lords of Terra want whatever the ship’s mission is to be stopped.  The Lord-captain has informed me that the Flayer fortress ship currently has no weapons.  He sent a contingent of Black Templar boarding party with the soul mission of disabling their weapons before the Nemesis was immobilised.  He wants the Divinity to continue the pursuit while reinforcements arrive.  Our mission is to shadow the enemy vessel and keep tabs on it until a flotilla of Battlefleet Gothic arrives on the scene.  I don’t have much choice in the matter so I agree.  We have to leave immediately as the flayer ship already has a two-day head start on us.  Wolf will be assigning a Black Templar Dreadnaught to Adeptus Ministronium command to help support us if the flayers want to go man-to-man with my crew”.

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