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D&D and Tzeentch’s Curse

To support the arcane spellcasting rules.  Not 100% happy with these rules, needs some playtesting.


Arcane Magic can be unpredictable.  The more power you use to cast a spell, the more likely it is that something unexpected will happen.  This is Tzeentch’s Curse.  Not all Wizards honour Tzeentch, the Chaos God of Magic and Change, but all fear him. If you are an arcane spellcaster, Tzeentch’s Curse takes effect when you roll a critical success or critical failure as part of the spellcasting.  This means any d20 roll related to the spell (including the concentration check to cast it, an attack roll to land it or an enemy’s saving throw to resist it).

You roll a number of d10s equal to the degree of success or failure rolling 1d10 per step of success or failure from the target DC.  For a critical success, you roll on the Minor Chaos Manifestation.  For a failed Concentration check you roll on the Major Chaos Manifestation.  For critical failure roll and consult Catastrophic Chaos Manifestation.  A spellcaster may use Inspiration to shift to a different table.  If you roll multiple matches on one spell, there can be more than one manifestation.

Minor Chaos Manifestation

  • 01-10 Witchery: Within 30-feet of you, milk curdles, wine goes sour and food spoils.
  • 11-20 Rupture: Your nose begins to bleed and continues until you make a successful Constitution saving throw vs the original spells Concentration DC.  You can test once per round.
  • 21-30 Breath of Chaos: A cold and unnatural wind blows through the area.
  • 31-40 Horripilation: Your hair stands on end for 1 minute.
  • 41-50 Wyrdlight: You glow with an eerie light for 1 minute.
  • 51-60 Unnatural Aura: Animals within 30-feet of you get spooked, and unless controlled with an Animal Handling check, flee the scene.
  • 61-70 Haunted: Ghostly voices fill the air for the duration of your spell.
  • 71-80 Aethyric Shock: The magical energy coursing through you causes you to lose 1 HD worth of hit-points.
  • 81-90 Mental Block: You channel too much magical energy. Your Spellcasting Ability DCs are reduced by 1 for 1 minute.
  • 91-95 Whimsy: The DM can choose any result from this chart or make up a comparable minor effect.
  • 96-00 Unlucky!: Roll on Major Chaos Manifestation instead.

Major Chaos Manifestation

  • 01-10 Witch Eyes: Your pupils turn bright red. They revert to their original colour at dawn the following day.
  • 11-20 Silenced: You lose your voice for 1 minute.
  • 21-30 Overload: You are overwhelmed by magical energy and are stunned for 1 round.
  • 31-40 Craven Familiar: A Daemon Imp appears from the Aethyr and attacks you next for 1 minute before disincorporating back to the Aethyr.
  • 41-50 Chaos Foreseen: You get a glimpse of the Realm of Chaos and lose 1 Sanity Point. Any time after this event, you can spend an attribute increase and gain access to the Lore of Chaos.
  • 51-60 Aethyric Attack: Magical energy burns through you, causing you to lose 2 hit dice worth of hit points.
  • 61-70 Enfeeblement: Chaos energy wracks your body, debilitating your constitution. Your Constitution is reduced by 4 for 1d10 minutes.
  • 71-80 Mindnumb: You channel too much magical energy. Your Spellcasting attribute is reduced by 2 until you take a Long Rest.
  • 81-90 Daemonic Possession: You are possessed by a Daemonic entity for one minute. During that time, the DM controls all your actions and when you take control of your body again, you’ll have no memory of what you just did.
  • 91-95 Perverse Delight: The DM can choose any result from this chart or make up a comparable major effect.
  • 96-00 Trick of Fate: Roll on Catastrophic Chaos Manifestation instead.

Catastrophic Chaos Manifestation

  • 01-10 Wild Magic: You lose control of the magic as you cast your spell. Everyone within 100 feet, including you, suffers 1d8 radiant damage.
  • 11-20 The Withering Eye: Chaos energy wracks your body, debilitating your constitution. Your Constitution is reduced by 8 until you take a Short or Long Rest.
  • 21-30 Tzeentch’s Lash: Magic power overwhelms you, knocking you out for 1d10 minutes.
  • 31-40 Aethyric Assault: The Winds of Magic lash out at you. You suffer a critical hit from the spell you attempted to cast (or 3d10 necrotic damage if a non-combat spell).
  • 41-50 Heretical Vision: A Daemon Prince shows you a vision of Chaos. You lose 1d4 Sanity on a failed DC 20 Sanity check. Any time after this event on level up, you can gain access to the Dark Lore of Chaos.
  • 51-60 Mindeaten: Your ability to use magic is burned out of you. Your spellcasting ability score is reduced to 0. For each full 24 hours that passes, it increases by 1 until it returns to full strength.
  • 61-70 Uninvited Company: You are attacked by a 1d6+2 lesser Daemons which have an approximate CR equal to your Spellcasting Ability Modifier. They appear from the Aethyr within 40-feet of you.
  • 71-80 Daemonic Contract: You suffer 1d10 necrotic damage as a two inch Chaos rune burns its way onto a random part of your body. Should you ever collect 13 of these, they will spell out a contract that signs your soul away to a Ruinous Power (DM’s discretion). Removal of the branded skin will make no difference to the contract.
  • 81-90 Called to the Void: You are sucked into the Realm of Chaos and are forever lost. Unless you have a Fate Point to spend, it’s time to roll up a new character.
  • 91-00 Dark Inspiration: The DM can choose any result from this chart or make up a comparable catastrophic effect.


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