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Treasures from “Dawn of the Overmind” – The Annulus. This is also the “mcguffin” of the adventure.



Artifact, automatically attunes

The Annulus appears as a 1-foot-diameter ring of silvery metal of some unknown alloy Slots, antennae, spheres, and other arcane projections decorate the exterior of the hoop; however, there is sufficient space to grasp the annulus around two smoothed lengths of the ring.

  History. The Annulus is the ultimate psionic nullifier. Developed over a thousand years of steady effort by an Eider Concord of ancient Penumbra, the Annulus served as the ultimate

tool to keep peace among the various illithid Creeds. At the height of the illithid empire, there were literally thousands of Creeds, all of them with their own vision of how the empire

would best be served. In this chaos of differing viewpoints, however, one Creed, in particular, was viewed as a dangerous liability That Creed was called The Friends of Man.

The Friends of Man was an offshoot of a Creed that today is known as the Nourishers. Deemed a danger too great to ignore, an illithid Elder Concord convened, and with the Annulus was brought to bear on the Friends of Man, wiping them from existence!

In the aftermath of the Friends of Man’s destruction, the Elder Concord felt that such power was a thing not to be used lightly and so it was stored for all eternity, practicality within reach of an Elder Brain. After centuries, it was almost forgotten, and when the thrall uprising commenced, the Elder Brain guarding the site of the Annulus’ internment was taken unawares. If it had been able to bring the Annulus to hear, perhaps the revolt might have gone differently

  Powers. The Annulus has several powers that can be utilized in various ways, but all of which require a welder to tightly grasp the ring with at least one hand. When the Annulus is first grasped, knowledge of the Annulus’ powers and limitations immediately flood the wielder’s mind.

  • Nullifier (Aura). While wielding the Annulus the space-time within a 100-foot-radius about the wielder (the wielder’s space is unaffected) is subtly altered such at all psionic activity within the area requires three times the normal initial cost and maintenance – effectively granting advantage on saving throws against any psionic attack (or an addition +5 if the character or its ally has advantage against the particular attack already). Secondly, while the Annulus remains in hand, the wielder is absolutely immune to direct psionic attacks or effects of any type. The wielder also takes half damage from an area-of-effect psionic damage on a failed saving throw or none on a success.
  • Dead Space (1/Day). While grasping the Annulus the wielder can trigger an effect, not unlike a mind blast. When triggered with a mental command, waves of psionic force wash forth to a distance of 5O feet in all directions. All psionic creatures within this area must make a DC 30 Intelligence saving throw; those that fail their save have their psionic power burned out of them (this usually causes the affected creature to pass out). Those that make their save still temporarily lose their pisionic abilities for 1 hour.
  • Anchor (3/Day). While grasping the Annulus, the wielder can trigger the anchor effect 3 times per day When triggered with a mental command, waves of psionic force radiate in a 50-foot radius. All psionic creatures within the area of effect must make a DC 30 Intelligence saving throw; those that fail their save are unable to access any psychoportive power for 48 hours (this also includes teleportation, plane shift and astral spell if these arcane powers are possessed instead of psionic abilities). Those that make their save are still temporarily unable to access these powers, but only for 1 minute.
  • Ender (1/Year). The prime power of the Annulus is psionic nullification. While grasping the Annulus, the wielder can trigger the psionic nullification effect once per year. The wielder must specify a target or group of targets within 500 feet. The target can be as specific as a particular psionic individual or psionic item or as general as a particular grouping of psionic beings that share the same philosophy (such as an illithid Creed) that are clustered within a 100-foot radius of a centre point. Once the target is identified, the nullification begins. After 10 full rounds of concentration, accompanied by blasts of light, heat, and sound from the Annulus, non-psionic creatures or objects are unaffected; however, the targeted psionic entity (or entities) or psionic device, regardless of any protection it may possess, is nullified with a terrific explosion. In effect, nothing is left but floating dust! A single being, item, or small group of beings or items are easily nullified. A more powerful entity (such as a demigod) or object (the Engine Consummate) will tax the Annulus to its limits. If the Annulus is used to nullify such a target, the Annulus succeeds, but it is then also completely destroyed, and cannot be retrieved by any means (including chronomancy or wishing).
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