sisters of the broken path

In the original pathfinder adventure (Forest of Spirits), but modified them to menace my ki using PCs, in particular the ki-happy ninja who was terrified of them though they were not much a real threat to be honest. But psychological threat is just as good from the DM’s perspective.   SISTERS OF THE BROKEN PATH Medium humanoid (goblinoid, okami), lawful evil Armor Class 17 […]

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bodak geiko

These mobs were purposely created to show how the bad guys can use the Oiran class against them.  Was a fun encounter as the PCs realised they prefer not to be on the receiving end of the geiko’s buffing songs.   BODAK GEIKO Medium undead, chaotic evil Armor Class 15 (natural armor, tattered kimono) Hit Points 58 (9d8 + 18) Speed 30 […]

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okami leader Shizu

I had this NPC harass the party throughout the adventure withdrawing before she could be cornered.  They eventually pinned her at the Lake Bed (see tactics below).  But she eventually became a respected enemy and instead of killing her they knocked her out and used the sacred brush to rewrite her memory and alignment.  She […]

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The Okami

The Okami are the spawn of Munasukaru.  Full bloodied Okami (i.e. their father was another oni or fiend) are ja noi oni.  Half blooded Okami (i.e. their father was a non-oni, in this case a hobgoblin bakemono) are either humanoids or monstrosities depending on what exactly is birthed. They both have similar appearances – long […]

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The Garden of Vivid Decay

I took the cut content from Forest of Spirits and updated it for 5e and used it as part of the overall adventure.  I used cards to navigate the garden itself instead of mapping it out – just abstracted it away.  I had a minimum of cards the PCs had to explore otherwise they were […]

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The House of Withered Blossoms

The dungeon was split into two sections – the pagoda itself and the dungeon below – Munasukaru’s Penance. I didn’t modify the pagoda except to add an Amrita Trap.  My PCs scouted the pagoda using conjured spiders, speak with animals and a wild shaped shaman and decided that up was not the right way to […]

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