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Meyanda’s weapon of choice and you can’t have one without the other.  I decided to categorise it as a multi-melta weapons which are particularly effective agains armour of any kind.

Melta weapons emit devastatingly intense but short-ranged blasts of heat, which can melt through almost any material.

Also known as cookers or melters, most types of melta induce highly pressurised gases from an ammunition canister into an unstable sub-molecular state and direct the resulting energies down the barrel.  Melta usage is accompanied by a distinctive hissing sound as the beam boils away the water in the air, then a roaring blast as the beam reduces the target to charred scraps or molten slag.  Meltas are the premier anti-armour weapons, and few if any vehicles can withstand their power.

Meltaguns are the most common form of melta weapon and are found in many Imperial forces. As they are less prone to failure than plasma guns and work best at shorter ranges, they are also prized by raiders and corsairs where close-in fighting and boarding actions are often the norm. It is an ideal weapon for cutting through bulkheads or armour.  Most use a built in fuel canister like the Mars-pattern, but the Mezoa forge world version using a backpack is also common.

The inferno pistol represents very specialised and ancient technology, almost impossible to recreate. Mere handfuls might exist in any sector, each jealously guarded.

Meyanda’s Inferno Pistol 
Weapon (firearm), Rare

Damage: 1d6+1 fire damage, 2lb., ammunition, (nannite, range 30/120), light, and loading.  Double damage to objects and construct (object or creature) that is heavily armoured and ignores object resistances unless fire is specifically listed as well as damage thresholds.  On a critical hit if the target is a creature or flammable object it ignites the target for 1d4 burning damage.  Dexterity 10 save ends.   Proficiency: Energy Weapons.

This master crafted weapon has stood the test of time and looks like it was lovingly made with a fine lacquered wood handle and a skymetal muzzle designed to look like a swirling tornado of fire.

Art credit for banner: Headwires by NicolasRGiacondino
Art credit for pistol: Paizo Publishing

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