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ARMOURY: Melee Attachements


Bayonets, chain blades, and other long-bladed combat attachments can be fitted to most ranged weapons, making them more useful in assaults. A weapon with a melee attachment counts as a spear (1d6 piercing, can’t not be thrown, versatile) in close combat.  When detached it counts as a dagger.

Upgrades: Any Basic ranged weapon can have melee attachments.

Bayonet is a long combat knife or blade usually attached below the barrel of a ranged weapon to aid the user in close combat. The blade usually has one cutting edge and doubles as a combat knife when detached from the underslung attachement of the barrel. The Imperial Combat Bayonet is used exclusively by the Imperial Guard, although both the Space Marines and the Sisters of Battle have been known to make use of bayonets as well.  This particular bayonet is in excellent condition and counts as a +1 spear (magical, admantium) when used as a bayonet or a +1 dagger (magical, admantium) when used as a combat knife.

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