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I am prepping for my next campaign – Out of the Abyss – and the adventure path clearly has a touch of whimsy with more than a passing resemblance to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.  They even say as much in the preface.  So I went back and read the two 1e adventures that are much more directly inspired (actually set in) wonderland – Dungeonland and The Land Behind the Magic Mirror.  I picked up some of the encounters in those adventures and decided to convert them for Out of the Abyss.  Since Out of the Abyss uses a lot of random tables these should be easy to insert.  Here are more fungi options.

This encounter should occur in Menzoberranzan (Stenchstreets is a good spot) where this lamia is taking advantage of the chaos caused by the appearance of the demon lords.  


The clearing that you have entered has a broad river bounding its southwestern edge. On the bank of this river is a small, badly weathered shop. The sign above its door shows a cone-shaped seashell out of which all sorts of things are spilling: food, weapons, jewelry, and so on. The door to the shop is open, and behind the counter sits a sheep-faced old woman. She is knitting and pays no attention to you at all.

If the party enters the shop, continue:

Many shelves line the shop, and they are crowded with all sorts of things. There are supplies for exploring, weapons, armour, helmets, shields, jewelry, food items, clothing, writing materials and Pens, books, dishes, plates, flasks, jugs, bottles, kettles, tools, everything! Some seem very valuable. The gleam of precious metal, the glitter of gems, and the soft glow of magic are here! The rows of crystal bottles filled with a rainbow of different liquids might be potions.

The more the players have their characters attempt to tell exactly what is in this shop, the more vague and uncertain its contents will become. Where they stare, the shelves seem to be bare, while out of the corners of their eyes they can note shelves packed with goodies. This place is an illusion generated by the sheep-like “woman” – a lamia noble in disguise (treat as a standard lamia with the following additional spells –  burning handsmagic missile, shocking grasp, ray of enfeeblement, stinking cloud and slow.  She also has water breathing active and advantage on saving throws vs spells).

This creature maintains the illusion of the shop in order to lure victims near. Note that her touch might not only convey a spell effect, but it will also the effects of intoxicating touch.

She will attack by touch spells and wisdom drain as soon as she notes that the adventurers are suspicious. She will attempt   to charm  and suggest  first, then shock, missile, slow, stink, enfeeble, burning.  If in trouble she will use images and water breathing  to slip into the river and escape.

Treasure:  The noble wears a bracelet, necklace, and armband of gold studded with gems. The necklace and armband are each worth 5,500 gp, each having three 1,000 and three 500 gp gems set in it. The bracelet appears to be the same, but if the stones are examined it will be noted that the large ones are merely star quartz of an unusual blue-violet color that shades towards silver in the light. Each of these stones contains a wish,  but the only method by which this can ever be found out is by actually making a wish.  Detection or magic will not reveal the nature of this bracelet and its stones.


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  1. The Kind DM

    I hadn’t thought of getting ideas from older adventures for Out of the Abyss. I’m also running it and, sometimes, my players and I find travel between destinations exhausting. This will definitely help me come up with cool encounters and keep my players interested.

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