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Clash of the Titans (Session VII)

Game log for session 6 one of my players (my daughter) wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.  For context, the party discovered the Golden Barge and decided to take it, surprisingly, they succeeded.  Never underestimate stubborn players.

Soon the party discovered, 

The golden barge along the coast, 

As tall as the sky reached,

And presumably filled with ghosts. 


They entered cautiously,

Slowly turning the hatch, 

As a darkroom greeted them, 

So they struck a match,

And illuminate the room it did, 

Revealing four skeletal beings,

Where in the walls they hid.


A battle broke out,

As “Join us,” they would plead,

And once they were destroyed,

They melted with a shriek.


The party explored warily, 

And found a room weighed by large sacs,

The skeletal beings grew inside them,

So they thought it wise not to attack.

Soon after they heard a heartbeat,

Hidden deep in a dark chamber, 

Black ooze did it excrete, 

And leaving it in peace they were all in favor.


They climbed the barge’s tallest tower,

But as they walked up the stairs,

A barrel cascaded down,

And they fell to the ground in pairs.

A roaring they observed, 

Bellowed from the top,

So cast fly on them Seth did, 

And by the barrels, they were not stopped.


 At the height of this tower,

Was a room with a gold throne,

And there stood an Eldar with his beast,

Attempting to make it his own.

He attacked them voraciously,

And dispelled the charm on Seth,

So that now they had three enemies,

Aiming for their deaths.


The party fought hard, 

But more injuries they incurred,

Atticus and Cordelia were defeated,

By the Eldar’s mighty purge.

So Octavia decided,

To cast charm on all three, 

Soon they were entranced, 

And the battle ceased momentarily.


To the throne, they turned their attention,

Assuming it the controlling device, 

And sit in it Cornelius did,

The helmet gripping his head in a vice.

The ship spoke to him in Eldar,

A language he could not understand.

He couldn’t interpret the controls, 

So he took a step down from the stand.


Petra, however, could translate, 

And her turn in the throne came, 

With the strength of her wisdom and wits,

The machine she valiantly claimed.


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