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With my Thoughts of Darkness campaign coming to an end my players have voted to a campaign set in the lands of Oriental Adventures. So adding some class options I originally missed. A void child is another interpretation of the void disciple prestige class from the 3e Oriental Adventures.  I shamelessly stole some ideas from Heroes of the Orient for this class.


Of all the elements forces that make up the universe, the most powerful and the most difficult to control is the one that lies between and joins the others: void. Shugenja and wu jen have access to a variety of elements and end up specializing in one, but void disciples (also called Boido Deshi) understand that everything in the world contains all the basic elements, held together by the least tangible essence. Void is like the silence between notes of music, giving rhythm and shape to the whole. To those who sense the relationship of void to all other things, and who have the innate ability to personally perceive that relationship, distance and form become inconsequential. This deep understanding of the void cannot be learned but must be felt. Having deep insight into the workings of the void can grant substantial powers, but manipulating things through the void often comes at great personal risk. When one dabbles in powers such as these, the pitfalls are deep and treacherous, but the rewards are almost unimaginable and go far beyond anything other mages can accomplish.

In addition to the sorcerer spell list, you may also choose any of the unique spells from the wu-jen spell list. However, you must respect the elemental affinity of each spell. For example, if you select a water spell, you may not select a fire spell but you may select an air spell. Fire and Water are opposing elements, Earth and Air are also opposites.


Beginning at 1st level, when you adopt this sorcerous origin, you have advantage on saving throws against enchantments and against any spell or effect that attempts to silence you or otherwise interrupt you in casting a spell. Additionally, you are resistant to psychic damage, and magic can’t put you to sleep.


Also at 1st level, you may touch an ally as an action and grant them advantage on an ability check, skill check or saving throw. If the target already has advantage they get an additional +2.


Beginning at 6th level, you have learned to reach out with your mind, exploring the unseen layer of reality most people rarely experience. Your consciousness departs from your body and extends into the world, allowing you to use all of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) to perceive whatever area, person, or thing you direct your attention to. In order to do so successfully, you must succeed a Charisma saving
throw, with the DC determined by distance, as shown in the Sense Void DC table.

While sensing the void, you can detect magic and read emotional states. If you are scrying on another creature in this manner, it must succeed a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC, in order to be aware that it is being observed or touched through the void. If it succeeds its saving throw by 5 or more, the creature also becomes aware of who you are and where you are physically located. Sense void lasts for 1 minute or until you end the condition as an action. The effect also ends early if any harm is done to your body. Once you use this feature, you cannot do so again until you finish a long rest.

DC Distance
5 Line of Sight
10 Up to 1 mile (same village)
15 Up to 10 miles (same province)
20 Up to 100 miles (same clan’s territory)
25 Up to 1,000 miles (another clan’s territory)

With every four levels, you attain beyond 1st, you gain the ability to perceive deeper levels of reality.  At 5th level, you can detect magic and detect Taint at will while using this ability. At 9th level, she can discern lies and read emotional states, gaining a +10 bonus on Insight checks while using this ability. At 13th level, you can detect thoughts at
will while using this ability.


Also at 6th level, three times per day as an action, you touch an ally, allowing that character to use his highest ability score modifier in place of any one lower modifier (target’s choice) for a number of rounds equal to your level. For example, a severely wounded samurai could use his high Strength modifier in place of his low Dexterity modifier for a few rounds, increasing his Armor Class, Dexterity save bonus, and ranged attack bonus (as well as Dexterity-based skills).


Starting at 14th level, as an action you can rip a creature out of the flow of time, sending them either back or forward. The affected creature must reroll its initiative roll, adding either its own or your initiative modifier (your choice). Alternatively, you can double the area of effect for a spell, as the void weakens the spell’s edges. Once you use this feature, you must finish a long rest before you can do so again.

In addition, once per day as a free action, you can grant yourself a +20 bonus on your next d20 roll. This supernatural ability requires no action and lasts only the duration of the single check.


From 18th level, once per day as an action, you can make a melee touch attack to bestow 1d4 levels of exhaustion on a target you touch.


Beginning at 18th level, as an action, you can open a vein into the void that fills a 30 feet area centred on you. The area is lightly obscured, counts as difficult terrain, and all creatures within the area gain the following effects:

  • Cannot be blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, incapacitated,
    paralyzed, petrified, or stunned.
  • Creatures of your choice can or can not become invisible. Creatures already invisible have their invisibility purged at your choice.
  • Cannot benefit from healing except from potions.
  • Disadvantage on all saving throws.
  • Vulnerability to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.

Additionally, whenever a creature starts its turn inside the suppression field, its maximum hit points are reduced by 1d6. The suppression field lasts for 1 minute until your concentration is broken (as if concentrating on a spell), or until you fall unconscious, or die.

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