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Magus Deck of Mercurial Magic

This deck of cards enhances a veneficus’ (sorcerer) spellcasting. All your spells now the deck of cards as a material component. Whenever a card is used as part of spellcasting you may adjust the result of 1 die by +1 or -1. However, when used in this way, it triggers an effect based on the card drawn as if it was mercurial magic (interpreted by the DM as needed). After completing a heroic act* an additional power unlocks. Once per day you may gamble your instability dice on an attack. If you hit, you may swap your instability dice for your sorcerer dice for this attack, if you miss you take damage equal to the total value of the instability dice. This exhausts your deck for the day.

*unlocks after completing 3 labours in the Clash of Titans Campaign.


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