The Pavilion of the Dark Spider

Encounter in the Garden of Vivid Decay. This thing killed two of my PCs but it was a fun battle fighting a funnel web the size of a house. The Pavilion of the Dark Spider This pavilion teeters on the edge of the garden and stares into the dark, the remnants of a graceful arched […]

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The Garden of Vivid Decay

I took the cut content from Forest of Spirits and updated it for 5e and used it as part of the overall adventure.  I used cards to navigate the garden itself instead of mapping it out – just abstracted it away.  I had a minimum of cards the PCs had to explore otherwise they were […]

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The House of Withered Blossoms

The dungeon was split into two sections – the pagoda itself and the dungeon below – Munasukaru’s Penance. I didn’t modify the pagoda except to add an Amrita Trap.  My PCs scouted the pagoda using conjured spiders, speak with animals and a wild shaped shaman and decided that up was not the right way to […]

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Abstract Dungeon Exploring

I have been experimenting with using Boardgame ideas in dungeon exploration.  My group is mostly newer players and don’t generally enjoy the “you see a 20 foot corridor with two exits and a door to the east”.  I have used this approach off and on in small ways but now applied it to Munsukaru’s Penance […]

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