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Hololithic Fragment 06

Found in the Hawk Palace horde in Lords of Rust.

Adeptus Ministronium Tech Priest Zara log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.6.18.  This will be my last log entry.  We have converted the Sister of Battle corvette – Caelestis Imperium – into a death trap.  While my sister and I are asleep the Black Templar Dreadnaught along with the servitors, computer system and automated defences have been instructed to protect us at all costs.  Once the Divinity’s Machine Spirit has found the enemy we are to be awakened from our slumber.  The Dreadnaught is a self-contained life support system for the crippled warrior within.  His machine should have no problem in maintaining stasis and awakening him if needed.  He can then awaken us if required.  I have given UNITY, the remarkable Machine Spirit, and the override codes to also awaken us if needed or upon arrival.  I have also dropped a probe at our current location recording all the details of our cargo, situation and data related to the plague as well as our plan.  Tech-Priest Zara signing off.”

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