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Recently finished reading Out of the Abyss.  Overall I think this is great adventure path as well as acting as a great sourcebook for the Underdark generally and specifically for the Sword Coast area.  However, one thing I didn’t like so much were the demon lords.  They were all very samey in feel – they all had the similar stats, similar restiences and similar abilities.  Its my one complaint about 5e which is that the monster design is inferior to the 4e style of creating custom monsters as needed.  So I decided to redo Demogorgon as he is the main Big Bad in the adventure.  Though, I would say, Demogorgon is probably the best built out of all the demon lords.  Here is my slightly tweaked version more in line with 4e design ideas.

Huge fiend (demon) chaotic evil

Armour Class 22 (natural armour)
Hit Points 496 (34d12 + 272)
Speed 50 ft., swim 50 ft.

STR 29 (+9)        DEX 14 (+2)       CON 26 (+8)
INT 20 (+5)         WIS 17 (+3)        CHA 25 (+7)

Saving Throws Dex +10, con +16. Wis +11, cha +15
Skills Insight +11, Perception +19
Damage Resistances cold, fire, lightning.
Damage Immunities poison; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing that is nonmagical.
Condition Immunities charmed, exhaustion, frightened, and poisoned.
Senses Truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 21
Languages all, telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge 26 (90,000 XP)

Double ActionsAt the start of combat, Demogorgon makes two initiative checks. Each check corresponds to one of Demogorgon’s heads—Aameul or Hethradiah—and Demogorgon takes a turn on both initiative counts. Demogorgon has a full set of actions on each of these turns, and Demogorgon’s ability to take a reaction refreshes on each turn. Each of Demogorgon’s heads is unable to use the attack power named for the other head.

Dual Brain. Demogorgon has advantage on saving throws against being blinded, deafened, stunned and knocked unconscious.

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Demogorgon fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.

Magic Resistance. Demogorgon has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Magic Weapons. Demogorgon’s weapon attacks are magical.

Water Breathing. Demogorgon can breathe underwater.

Multiattack. Demogorgon makes two tentacle strikes attacks.

Tentacle Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +17 to hit, reach 10ft., one target.
Hit: 35 (4d12 + 9) bludgeoning damage. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 23 Constitution saving throw or its hit point maximum is reduced by an amount equal to the damage taken. This reduction lasts until the target finishes a long rest. The target dies if its hit point maximum is reduced to 0.

Forked Tail. Melee Weapon Attack: +17 to hit, reach 15ft., one target.
Hit: 31 (4d10 + 9) bludgeoning damage plus 22 (4d10) necrotic damage.

Gaze. Demogorgon turns his magical gaze towards one creature that he can see within 120 feet of him. That target must make a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw. Unless the target is incapacitated, it can avert its eyes to avoid the gaze and so automatically succeed on the save. If the target does so, it can’t see Demogorgon until the start of his next turn. If the target looks at him in the meantime, it must immediately make the save, if the target fails the save, the target suffers one of the following choices of Demogorgon’s choice :

  1. Aameul’s Gaze. The target is stunned until the start of Demogorgon’s next turn or until Demogorgon is no longer within line of slight. If the target is already stunned he is instead dominated as the spell of the same name.
  2. Hethradiah’s Gaze. The target is charmed by Demogorgon until the start of Demogorgon’s next turn. Demogorgon chooses how the charmed target uses it’s actions, reactions, and — movement. Because this gaze requires Demogorgon to focus both heads on the target, he can’t use his Maddening Gaze legendary action until the start of his next turn.

Inescapable Grasp. Whenever a creature moves out of the reach of Demogorgon’s tentacles, on a failed DC 23 Charisma save, the target creature is brought within five feet of Demogorgon and is the target of a tentacle strike.

LEGENDARY ACTIONS                                  
Demogorgon can take 2 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creatures turn. Demogorgon regains spent legendary actions at the start of his turn.

Forked Tail. Demogorgon makes a forked tail attack.
Gaze of Abyssal Might. The target suffers the effect of the confusion spell without making a saving throw. The effect lasts until the start of Demogorgon’s next turn. Demogorgon doesn’t need to concentrate on the spell.


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