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A reward in my Oriental Adventures campaign.  Posted here for my PCs to reference. I am using the nemuranai tag for OA magic items since in Japanese Mythology magic items are not forged or made (this is seen as disrespectful to the indwelling spirit).  Instead the items awaken through various processes – spontaneously, or through powerful magic.

Wondrous (nemuranai), very rare

 A gourd filled with Vitality-restoring medicine. Resting refills, the Gourd. Made by an Image result for sekiro healing gourdapprentice of the extraordinary doctor, Dogen. Though it is strange that the gourd’s medicinal waters refill automatically, the seeds within may hold the secret to how it works.

The gourd can be used once per day and recharges after a long rest. Its healing is dependent on the characters proficiency bonus:

Healing +2 2d4 + 2
Greater healing +3 4d4 + 4
Superior healing +4 8d4 + 8
Supreme healing +5 10d4 + 20

A gourd seed can be used to increase the usage of the gourd.


Nemuranai were man made items of exceptional quality that had had their kami awakened, either through the skill used in creating them or through their association with great deeds. These items can usually only be attuned or used by a single person. They grow in power as the hero who owns it also grows in fame, honour and power.

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