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Stone Spirit

Stone spirits are evil spirits that inhabit stone statues and can animate them when they desire. The animating spirits have Intelligence scores of 8 to 10 and always have neutral evil alignment. They have the yokai subtype, so they are susceptible to spells that target spirits. A stone spirit can be confronted in the Spirit Realm (Ethereal in this case) and defeated permanently there – use the wraith statblock for its spirit form.

The stone spirit otherwise functions as an animate object spell with the  following additions:

Possess statue. The stone spirit assumes the form of a possessed statue. Use animate object for the possessed statue’s stat block instead.

Flee the Form. As a reaction when a possessed statue drops to 0 hit points the stone spirit may leave and move to another statue within 30 feet.  If none exists it becomes disemodoed and is effectively defeated as it will not be able to possesses another statue for 24 hours.

Petrifying Touch (Recharge 6). Melee Weapon Attack: to hit as statue, reach as statue, one target. Hit: As statue damage , and the target must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw against being magically petrified. On a failed save, the creature begins to turn to stone and is restrained. It must repeat the saving throw at the end of its next turn. On a success, the effect ends. On a failure, the creature is petrified for 24 hours.

Petrified creatures may become targets of the stone spirits posses statue ability.

Banner Art Credit: “Temple Guardian” by StarCrushCoyote

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