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From the diary of Rikku Yufina Kyius: Iron Gods Session 2

Two players couldn’t make this session so I allowed them to recruit some NPC help.  Val was obvious one.  I decided to play her like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist – bandana and all.  I also introduced hololithic messages to slowly fill in the background information of what actually happened to the Divinity.  These work really well. Tip my hat to System Shock and Bioshock.

Our Brave Band of Adventurers:

  • Charisma, a “human” -mutant- sorceress whose power source is Gamma Radiation which she was exposed to as a child.  As a child of the Atom her hair goes green in the presence of radiation and she progressively gets greener the more powerful spells she casts (and as she gets angry).  She has no love for the Technic League.
  • Heidt, a ranger who has traded an affinity for nature for an affinity for machines.  This android has mastered cybertheurgy as well as the lasgun.  Has chosen the mechromancer archetype (blog post at some later point!).  Seeking to learn more about his history he has become an archaeological expert on all things related to the Rain of Stars.
  • Rikku, an elven rogue who was adopted by Khonnir Baine when he found her wandering the wasteland near Torch more than a decade ago.  She claims to be a blood elf from a far-away land.  Her history is tied up with a nearby ruin.
  • Val Baine, a wrench wielding teenage girl and a budding tech mechanic.  Rikku’s little sister.
  • Sanvill, a technology obsessed mage with a secret – he is a Technic League spy.

Fires of Creation

Session 2

By Rikku Yuffina Kyrus

Sylvanus, Tufast, and Brocktha are doing something else so Charisma, Hiedt and I are alone. We take Val to replace our loss of party members and go to Sanvill Trett, Torch’s technologist, to show him our loot. Sanvill says the lighted up discs are called shimmer discs, or batteries, which can be recharged in a special box. These boxes can be built in the wall, portable, and can show how much a disc is charged. There is a small chance a disc could get damaged in the process.

The funny thing is the Aliens use the same numeric digits and language as the players (Mum, Lex, Jeff…). We show him another thing which are called grippers (basically big pliers/tongs). They can be used to hold doors and things open or in place. The last thing is a Hololithic Player which can record things. Sanvill turns it on and a human looking man appears with a robotic eye says

“Lord-captain’s Log, Earth calendar date 41, 103.5.26. His marine Lord-captain, a Black Templar, accompanied the Lord-captain of the Nemesis one Braug Wolf. It seems the flayer ship is an important target. The Lords of Terra want whatever the ship’s mission is to be stopped. The Lord-captain has informed me that the Flayer Fortress ship currently has no weapons. He sent a contingent of Black Templar boarding party with the sole mission of disabling their weapons before the Nemesis was immobilized. He wants my ship to continue the pursuit while reinforcements arrive. Our mission is to shadow the enemy vessel and keep tabs on it until a flotilla of Battlefleet Gothic arrives on the scene. I don’t have much choice in the matter so I agree. We have to leave immediately as the flayer ship already has a two-day head start on us. Wolf will be assigning a Black Templar Dreadnaught to Adeptus Ministronium command to help support us if the flayers want to go man-to-man with my crew”.

Sanvill has never seen this and wishes to come with us if we are going back. We let him come too. As we exit the shop a man gives us each an invitation and a note for 100 gold coins each for gambling. The invitation is from Garmen Ulreth, a very manipulative man who owns Silverdisc Hall, a gambling place. We ignore it for now, get a breathing spell from Jorum, and head to the caves.

The Drow are surprisingly keeping their word. We are back in the strange dessert landscape and are about 30 feet from the entrance when bones start knitting themselves to form 3 four armed creatures. They all have a weird shaped skull and one has green eyes. They look like the ones on the cave painting. The skeleton with green eyes is coming straight for us but the other two are just staggering, trying to follow. We retreat and the skeletons collapse.

We then try to find another way in to bypass the skeletons so we tried the grippers on the power-less door and the gremlin door but we failed.

We go back just out side the dessert and Sanvill can see the skeletons are animated with necromantic magic – which is to be expected – using a detect magic spell. We walk towards the one that had green eyes but the bones don’t move. We go around and as we meet more bone piles one near us animates with green eyes and charges. Others follow slowly. We can see a cave just ahead and dash for it – it’s a dead end. However light is coming from “behind” the cave wall as if it was seeping through the wall itself. The floor around the corner is still sandy and the skellies are still coming. We dash for it and see that it is an illusion of some kind and we pass through the cave wall easily. The skeleton collapses just outside the illusory wall.

The now strong light is coming from a half open metal door that we open fuly using our brown access card. In this room are four nozzles and coils pointing to the center like one in the first room we explored. The nozzles hum with energy and we can see another metal door with a flashing red and brown light just beyond the nozzles. Charisma casts mage hand, which picks up one of the brown key cards and swipes it on the red and brown light. A message on the light says “Door won’t open until both doors closed and your are sterilized” – or something like that as the words didn’t translate directly into common from gothic.

We close the door behind us fully. Then the nozzles spray watery stuff but something goes wrong and electricity fills the room. The mage hand is fine but the brown card is now goop on the floor. The nozzles hum softer now and the other door opens. We dash, hoping the nozzles don’t turn us into goop. After we are through the door we see a corridor. A door to our left is blinking red. Two normal metal doors sit to our right and straight ahead. We avoid the red light door and go to the 1st entrance. Another corridor. To our left is a collapsed hall or door but to our right is a metal door with a flashing black light. We find nothing in the rubble. We try one of the key cards on the black light but nothing happens. I try to pick the lock but I failed. I try to pick the red light door but as soon as my e-Pick touches the light a message in Gothic says “Malfunction, Malfunction” and the door opens. We use the grippers to hold the door open and go inside. Inside are medium sized box shaped things with black screens. In the center is a round glass table. To our right is a pillar with a purple glow. The whole area overlooks the dessert. Sanvill says that this room is most likely a command/computer room. On one of the boxes is a flashing golden button saying, “Emergency reset”. We don’t find anything and exit.

We go to the last metal door and open it. In the center of this room is a table with several weird chairs around it. Four windows over look the same dessert. Four pillars support the ceiling. On the walls are writings and pictures we cannot translate. On one of these walls is a pickaxe made of skulls and bones, the unholy symbol of Zyphus. This symbol looks like the same one on the body the blindhiem was eating. On one of these chairs is a sitting-down shape of the skeletons. Except this four armed monstrosity has rotten flesh, weapons and clothes.

As we open the door it turns around with green eyes and heads towards us. When we kill him he turns into dust. All that is left of him is his useless rotten weapons and his cloak. The cloak looks new and finely made. Its black on the outside but white on the inside. The latch is a Maltese cross with a heart. We search the room and find a black access card and another Hololithic player. We turn it on and the Lord-captain appears. He says:

“Lord-captain’s Log, Earth calendar date 41,103.6.5. After a week of shadowing the lllithid Fortress Ship, it has turned around and is heading straight for us. The ship is gigantic but our scanners still show their weapons are still down. I just hope they don’t try to board us. My ship is nimbler so I should be able to dance indefinitely. Failing that I will have to depend on the Dreadnaught and the Sisters of Battle to do the brunt of the fighting.”

We retreat back to town and give the 2nd Hololithic player to Sanvill as his share of the loot and rest before our next foray.

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