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ARMOURY: Stun Baton

Weapon, rare 

Damage: 1d6 lighting and 1d4 bludgeoning, 2 lb., ammunition (battery 10, melee).

This slender rod has an insulated grip and a conductive tip. All bludgeoning damage dealt by an active stun baton is nonlethal,Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.25.01 while the electrical charge can be either nonlethal or lethal.  By activating a control in the handle as a free action, the wielder can switch the attack between a nonlethal jolt and a lethal shock. On a confirmed critical hit, a target must succeed at a Constitution saving throw (DC = 10 + the damage dealt by the critical hit) or be stunned for 1 round.  When it’s not activated, a stun baton functions as a light mace.  A character who is proficient with maces is proficient with a stun baton.

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