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ARMOURY: Violet Rations

Most food in the Imperium is packaged, processed, and usually completely unrecognisable as anything edible. The quality of ration packs varies widely, ranging from simple and poor fare such as corpse starch rations or cultured algae to flavoured strips of grox meat and fine nutrislurry.

Violet Rations
Technological Gear, Uncommon

Violet rations are particularly advanced form of rations which come in simple pill form.  Each pill tastes like a certain type of meal and acts as a goodberry spell.  A character can have no more than 10 pills in one day before having to make constitution saves vs DC 15 to eat one more pill.  On a failed save the character throws up and looses all accumulated bonuses from the rations up to that point.  The DC increases by 1 for each attempt above the original.  They cost 6 gp each.

Posted in Adventurer's Vault, Iron Gods, Lords of Rust


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