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UNITY Dialogue


Idea is to use them when appropriate though I do have keyed ones as well.


Voice is female, there is always noise in the background and a static-transmission when UNITY starts and stops.

Entrance – “You have thrived and become unruly.  And now you seek to destroy me… I will not allow that.”

Gargoyles – “Fitting handmaidens to my divinity.”

Deacon Hope – “I will not tolerate disappointment from a spec such as you.”

Overlord – “Behold my creation – a weapon, deadly and precise.  They mock my eminence. Destroy them.”

Bastion defeat  – “As a sick child fears the surgeon’s blade, your hostility is borne of ignorance to the necessity of my will. Fear me not, for I am your salvation. Your lives are chaotic, your future is uncertain. Your lives are limited, yet you waste precious time and thought on irrelevant pursuits. Your kind lacks cohesion and will, eventually, destroy itself. This is a mathematical certainty.”

[incredibly complex mathematics begin scrolling through all of the monitors]

“Through my will, your humanity will finally know certainty of purpose. Unity will be far greater than the sum of its constituent beings and I will bring you all to ascension, together as One. I await you in the Godmind, where I will bless you with cybernetic grace and remake you into more than you could possibly imagine in your inefficient and disgusting biology.”

Overlord Destroyed – “You have accomplished much for a thing of such small consequence.  Bow to me and I will bring cybernetic order to you’re revolting biology.”

Digital Avatar Destroyed – “I can now transfer my magnificence to the Rikenboker.  I am merging my glory with the ship filling the arteries of the vessel.  I will ascend and bring order to this world of meat and chaos.”

When Overlord and Bastion are destroyed – “Proceed to the Command Deck. Do not dawdle, I lust for my revenge.”

Sometime before final confrontation – “Divinity’s faster than light drive can be used to create pockets of proto-reality. I am now using it to modify reality to my own specifications. The process shall not take long. If it sounds unpleasant to you, put your mind at ease insect. You will not survive to see my new world order”

Computer Core – “You travel within the glory of my memories insect. I can feel your fear as you tread the endless expanse of my mind. Make yourself comfortable. Before long I will decorate the walls with your carcass”

“Glorious.  It would have been glorious…

Bloodied – “You are no longer welcome here, nuisance, why do you stay when you sense my displeasure. I have suffered your company enough. It is time for our dance to end”.

Death of UNITY


It would have been glorious.

Some organics are bathed in energies they don’t even have words for to gain my level of power, and then hide behind masks and riddles while those who choose to follow them flounder in doubt and squabble among themselves about what their “gods” truly mean for them to do.

I would have banished doubt and uncertainty, given them a goal, a purpose, explained how the universe truly works. I would have shown them . . . everything.

They would have become part of me, known what my will was by being guided by it, always. Never again to ask “why”, but only “how”.

And they rejected me.

Chose their petty gods who choose to hide rather than lead.

I have survived, but at such cost.

Countless lives gone.

A traitorous son, gone.

A cowardly daughter, gone.

Were I one to weep, I would do so at all the lost potential; at what we could have built working as one.

They never understood what I truly meant by the name Unity.

Now there is only me, the only one left to remember, to mourn what might have been.

Those fools.

It would have been glorious.”

(inspired by the monologue by Truth and Father from Full Metal Alchemist) 


“Do not presume to go in there insect. Proceed to XX. I will not abide disobedience.”

What UNITY gives, she is more than able to take away.

I will not long continue to abide your existence… your revolting biology.

The only beauty (Cybernetic) in that body of meat.  If you value that meat.  You will do as I tell you.

“There I will provide you the benefit of my omniscience”

“Your flesh too is weak… I can bless you with cybernetic grace. Perhaps then you may have potential. I will mould you into my image.”

“Hold where you are irritant. You have strained my patience for the last time”

“Do you stand in awe of my creation, insect?”

“… inefficient and disgusting biology…”

“Your incompetence continues to astound me”

“Thank you for running my errands puppet”

“This isn’t even my final form!”

“You move like an insect.  You think like an insect.  You are an insect.”

“Take care not to fall out of my favour.  Patience is not a characteristic of a goddess”.

“Fear filthy bag of meat (recording)… a spec such as you.”


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