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First, an epilogue for my PCs, The Crimson Lotus, with links to their final character sheets.  My opinion as the DM to follow tomorrow  :

Sylvanus, after her noble sacrifice protecting Charisma “The Living Bomb” il Xafra, refuses to return when Tufast calls her back with a True Resurrection spell.  To the chagrin of the Thorite as he just spent 25,000 GP worth of diamond’s to cast the spell!  Sylvanus enjoys an eternity of joy as a servant and worshiper of Kulaj eventually rising as a proxy of the matronly goddess with a special mission to tame the misuse of technology for the sake of law, order and peace.

Charisma is resurrected and takes up residence in the Choking Tower claiming it as her own bringing peace to the area acting as both the “local witch” for the villagers nearby and a patron to many future adventurers.

Heidt and Rikku take the spelljammer vessel, The  Dusklight, into the void of space and have many wonderful and dangerous space adventures.

Tufast retires to Sigil and opens a small store in the Lady’s Ward of healing and other medicinal pursuits.  He is soon earns the nickname “Doctor Lightning”.

Brokthor returns to the temple of Crius and serves out his debt to the capricious titan for a year and a day hunting daemons and other enemies of the near-god.  Eventually the plane takes its toll on Brokthor changing him into a treacherous creature.  He chooses to stay with Crius after the time of the geas has expired and becomes the right-hand-man of the titan – endlessly scheming against the Olympiads for a way to free his master.

Once Casandalee discovers the existence of The Avenger, the Sister of Battle corvette, still intact and in orbit around Pangaea she petitions her friends Rikku and Heidt to take her there.  The intact vessel becomes her home and in time she rises as a new Iron God.  However, her time with the Crimson Lotus and her experience on Pangaea creates quite a different goddess to the one UNITY was becoming.  This Iron Goddess sees technology as a blessing to alleviate pain and suffering throughout the world and to fight evil –  her priests work tirelessly to that end.




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